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June 11, 2010

Friday morning in Esteli

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Everything was different this week. Like, 360 shift. It only rained once, and it was sunny and perfect all the other days  – weird! Also, the first/second grade teacher came back to school on monday. She´s been out for three months because she had a baby. I walked into the room monday morning and had no idea what was going on, the kids were all sitting in their chairs and facing the board (I wasn´t even there!) while she was writing an activity on the board for the first graders. They were quiet and sitting and then I started checking their homework and they they were still quiet and listening. One of the kids got up for a second and started touching another boy and the teacher (from across the room while teaching first grade) yelled ´sientate bien bryan!!´(sit well bryan, like fully in the chair not slouching.) How wonderful are the angels in my class now! I had no idea! And surprisingly, they all like the teacher too and smile at her and she smiles back at them. And then yells and pinches their ears when they are insolentes. So…everything is different in the classroom and in terms of the weather.

No more time to update I´m late for lunch adios! MAybe will update again this weekend…so many things


June 5, 2010


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There is so much sun now where I am. It´s warm and sunny until about two or three. Then it downpours (like, empty sky of all water) for a bit. Sometimes it doesn´t even rain at all. Incredible to think this is the same country as last week!

I bought a bunch of copied DVDS with music videos to listen to and watch when I come home in two weeks and feel nostalgic. I also bought a hollister shirt (US. $2.00) so I blend in more in the campo.

I´ve been doing lots of interviews with the video camera. On wed my friend´s uncle gave me a walking video tour of the hacienda (place of doing things, community center) and the coffee beneficio (where they process the coffee). On thursday I followed my friend around all morning while he showed me all the coffee plants and what he does, with his machete! Friday I interviewed two workers in the UCA office in Miraflor.

Today is gonna be a big night, we´re going back to Miraflor and they´re gonna kill a chicken or two and we´re gonna drink a bottle of rum (drinking age in Nicaragua: 18) with all the cousins and friends. Before we´re painting nails.

What else…. the children are still ´insolentes´as usual and are angels after class is over. I´m gonna interview some of the kids too next week, I think they´ll love that. I play with the camera sometimes with the seven year old in my house and the little cousins they get such a kick out of it.

Have fun at the 8th grade dance Daniel!

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