Central America, Spring ^10

June 5, 2010


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There is so much sun now where I am. It´s warm and sunny until about two or three. Then it downpours (like, empty sky of all water) for a bit. Sometimes it doesn´t even rain at all. Incredible to think this is the same country as last week!

I bought a bunch of copied DVDS with music videos to listen to and watch when I come home in two weeks and feel nostalgic. I also bought a hollister shirt (US. $2.00) so I blend in more in the campo.

I´ve been doing lots of interviews with the video camera. On wed my friend´s uncle gave me a walking video tour of the hacienda (place of doing things, community center) and the coffee beneficio (where they process the coffee). On thursday I followed my friend around all morning while he showed me all the coffee plants and what he does, with his machete! Friday I interviewed two workers in the UCA office in Miraflor.

Today is gonna be a big night, we´re going back to Miraflor and they´re gonna kill a chicken or two and we´re gonna drink a bottle of rum (drinking age in Nicaragua: 18) with all the cousins and friends. Before we´re painting nails.

What else…. the children are still ´insolentes´as usual and are angels after class is over. I´m gonna interview some of the kids too next week, I think they´ll love that. I play with the camera sometimes with the seven year old in my house and the little cousins they get such a kick out of it.

Have fun at the 8th grade dance Daniel!


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  1. Hope the party was great!! Can’t wait to see pictures when you get home. Thought of you all week while in Mexico, everytime I heard spanish, which was every minute I was awake!

    Comment by Mark Bass — June 12, 2010 @ 2:42 pm

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