Central America, Spring ^10

May 29, 2010


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I only have a few minutes, but hello! I´m in Esteli right now, we´re leaving at four for Miraflor. Tomorrow is Dia de las Madres, which is apparently the biggest deal ever in Nicaragau, don´t know about other countries. But there´s gonna be some sort of festivities in Miraflor tomorrow don´t know what.

Classes are good, really fun. I´m starting to know what I´m doing. I´m a pro second grade teacher. They really like to draw so we´ve been doing some of that. They also talk about the soccer ball that the American students brought last week a lot. I really like English class because it´s like Spanish class for me. And my students LOVE it, it´s such a drastic change from the wild seven year olds.

My friends from Denmark left yesterday. They were here for three weeks and thought they´d stay three days. Really nice we got to teach together for a bunch.

I did four interviews so far, interviews are really really interesting. I understand most of what they say, maybe less than most, but the people are all really nice and won´t let me leave without telling me everything of their life and making me drink coffee and-or tea. I also interviewed two people in the Miraflor office yesterday.

It rains a lot. Apparently there´s some rain storm that´s extra rain over Miraflor right now, according the the radio. I think there´s just some huge rain cloud stuck on top of the mountain and I live in it so it pretty much rains everywhere, inside, outside, etc. It´s really pretty though. Sometimes it stops for an hour or so. The animals love it. The coffee too prob. I got an umbrella.

Well, I have to go catch a bus now. Will write in a week!


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