Central America, Spring ^10

May 21, 2010


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I´m in Esteli now in an internet cafe. I really like what I´m doing here and it´s going to be a lot harder than I thought to leave, four more weeks! How fast time goes! The girls from Denmark liked it so much in Miraflor that they decided to stay for another week, which is really nice so we can keep teaching together. There was a group of seventeen students from the University of Boulder, Colorado in Miraflor this week for a service-eco-tourism alternative spring break trip. They helped build two showers by the well and added to the structure to prevent rainwater from mixing with the well water. There were three of them living in my house so I got to talk to them a bit. They´re only in Nicaragua for 10 days total.

I helped my hostcousin? roast and package the coffee for the students to buy. This morning I also went to a meeting at the UCA Miraflor where they were talking about their eco’tourism projects and organizational things.

The kids at the school are really crazy but I think they´re learning. At least there´s three of us in the room now so Mayra helps the kids who need extra help while the two of us teach. Teaching english is really fun, we play games that little kids would play but it´s okay because it´s to learn English. Touch your nose! Touch your ear! Etc…

I´m going to start interviews next week, I wrote up and translated a bunch of questions. Exciting.


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