Central America, Spring ^10

May 8, 2010


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Hi! I´m in an internet cafe in Esteli right now. I left Managua this morning and took a bus to Esteli with my three Italian girlfriends living in Bataola right now (where I was living). We only speak Spanish with each other for lack of common language.

Tomorrow I´m going to Miraflor with my host family to start my research project. All the plants are neon green right now because it rained a couple times. Last time I was here everything was brown and dusty. The rains officially come May 15th, how exciting! I can´t imagine anything being more green but we´ll see.

It was a fun last week, my classes ended on Tuesday. Thursday we had a group outing at Lago Apoyo, I went there during spring break. It´s a really beautiful place with warm volcano water.

We had some of the people we met in Managua over Wednesday night for a ´despedida,´farewell party. We also had ice cream.

Now I´m going to go take a nap didn´t sleep too much last night. Hi Daniel!


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  1. Samantha — enjoy the next phase of your adventure!!

    Comment by Mark Bass — May 8, 2010 @ 11:59 pm

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