Central America, Spring ^10

April 26, 2010

Pix, music

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I have new friends here! We (me, Alyssa, Chris, DJ) met with the university students from Grupo Puente on friday, talked about politics and revolutions, then they took us out all over Managua friday and saturday. Lots of fun.

This is the Top 40 radio station in Managua, all the music I’ve been listening to.

Saturday we had a group outing, which included driving to the top of Volcan Masaya. There’s a lot of smoke coming out of the top. Apparently when the Spanish came to Nicaragua they called the volcano ‘La Boca del Infierno,’ which means the mouth of hell. They thought the volcano was a hole in the earth. The National Guard thew political prisoners into the ‘Mouth of Hell’ during the Somoza dictatorship. Harsh punishment, lasting all of eternity.

Also, Congress is meeting again after the ‘tumultuous’ events of the past few days.


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