Central America, Spring ^10

April 7, 2010

Long time no see!

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There’s so much to do in Nicaragua! I’m really busy here with class and papers and speakers and hanging out with my host family and in the neighborhood. Hence, forgotten blog post. But I have lots of pictures!

I have class Monday to Friday here from 9-12am usually. Sometimes instead of class we have speakers or visit organizations, communities, etc. Tomorrow we’re going to the University of Central America for a class with an economics professor. My two classes are Cultural Conflict and Change in Latin America, which is Gender Studies, and Citizen Participation within a Globalized Economy – A Nicaraguan Case Study, for politics. I really like my teachers and the setup of our classes.

My host-family is the Nicaraguas, there’s ten people living in the house and the two little kids like to run around the house and point at things for me to look at. I’m living right next to the cultural center of Batahola. They have a website!

We had last week off for Semana Santa, all of Latin America has off that week. John came to visit me and we went out with my friends here in Managua one night then went to Lake Apoyo, Granada, Ometepe and San Juan Del Sur. It was really fun, we met a lot of people and traveled with some Canadians for a bit. Lots of Europeans as usual. Lake Apoyo is a really deep crater lake and Granada used to be the capitol of Nicaragua and has well preserved colonial architecture. Ometepe is an island in the middle of lake Nicaragua made up of just two volcanos. One of them is a little active and shoots out ash every now and then. We were fine though. Everybody in Nicaragua travels to San Juan Del Sur for the last weekend of Semana Santa, there were people everywhere, parades and monkeys and lots of festivities. Probably the biggest party in the hemisphere. I went surfing at Playa Madera, near San Juan del Sur, and got really beat up and stood up once. It was really fun.

Now, back to class. Managua has a lot of revolutionary graffiti all over, both for the FSLN (Sandinistas, party of Daniel Ortega, ex-revolutionaries/terrorists) and against him, calling him a dictator. The political situation is really interesting in Nicaragua now because Daniel Ortega is in power again, with some mixed feelings.

The food’s also really good. Nicaragua’s really hot but I don’t feel it anymore.

To be continued!


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  1. we miss you.wish you were here in fl.
    glad that you’re doing good with everything.you’ll probably want to make a scrap book of your summer.we saw your mom,dad and daniel because they came down several days before there cruise.daniel got taller and his voice got deeper.
    love grandpa/grandma

    Comment by grandpa/grandma — April 10, 2010 @ 7:31 pm

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