Central America, Spring ^10

March 21, 2010

Nicaragua 3am

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I’m catching a 3am bus to Managua tonight. The ride takes about 11 hours.

The last few days have been really busy with final projects and finishing things up. For our final group projects, we were supposed to share some information we learned from our interviews with the rest of the group in a creative format. Chris and I talked mostly about mining, so we created a situation where everybody stood around the table with either black, green or blue paint. I cut the shape of El Salvador out of a huge piece of canvass and we made cards with different events and facts on them. Some of the events favored the mining company, others the green/blue situation, and others both. We each took turns picking a card and then depending on what the card said, people with a certain color paint could put color on the canvass. So for instance, if the card said ‘mining company sues government of El Salvador,’ black would paint. And if the card said, ‘community organizes to fight mining company,’ green/blue would paint. It was really fun because by the end the canvass was a mix of black, green and blue and all the colors were on top of each other. And we all took turns painting with each color. We could use any medium we wanted for our final projects, and some students made websites, paintings, performances, mixtapes, etc. Friday was a really nice day of presentations and reflection.

The hotel we’re staying at now has a lot of people from all over here for Romero’s 30th anniversary. I went to the memorial march today, and it started with speakers and musicians. The FMLN president of El Salvador, Mauricio Funes, also spoke. Before the march started two of the students that were occupying the University recognized us and introduced themselves. I didn’t recognize them at first because they were wearing masks at the time, but they remembered our names. They said the occupation lasted 13 days and after negotiations the University accepted a hundred more students. The two of them got accepted, they’re both seventeen and want to study medicine and architecture.

There were a lot of students at the march wearing all black and waving red communist flags. Lots of people in che guevara shirts with revolutionary quotes on the back. And there were also church delegations from the US and Europe, nuns, solidarity organizations, all sorts of people. Lots of red FMLN flags, etc. We marched from the upper area of town where all the businesses and fast-food chains are to the downtown area of the National Cathedral.

After, I ate pupusas for dinner. Now I’m packing and catching a bus to Nicaragua in two hours. It’s gonna be real how and tropical.


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