Central America, Spring ^10

February 22, 2010

A Week in the Campo, continued…

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After lunch on Tuesday the mayor of the village led us on a hike up the mountain to see the town’s water source. The community built a system of pipes to channel water from the top of the mountain to the village and surrounding town. The water in the village is pure, because there’s no exposure to air, but once it reaches the larger town in the valley it needs to be purified.

On Wednesday, we visited the school to talk and play with the kids. The school has 60 children and they’re divided into three classes with three years in each. After primary school the children can go to secondary school in the town or Xela, although most finish after primary school. The kids all went around and told us where in the United States their family members are, mostly in LA. We also played duck-duck goose in Spanish.

Later in the afternoon, we went to the public baths – a pool and individual rooms heated by the volcano. It was real nice.

Thursday was the last day of Spanish class, and in the afternoon we had a little tour of Cantel and saw the cemetary, bakery and monument to guerrillas killed during the war. At night we had a bonfire and all the kids in the village came. We roasted mashmallows and made shmores.

Friday was the last night in Xela, and last night I stayed in Antigua. Antigua is the old capital of Guatemala and has a lot of colonial architecture. The city was restored and is a huge tourist destination now.

The drive to San Salvador was 5 hours long. The climate is real different, it looked almost desert-like in some parts. My house is next to the biggest mall in Central America and there’s three burger kings within walking distance. I met my teacher for Liberation Theology today. Tomorrow is a tour of the city, and then tuesday is my first day of official class.

Also, here’s a link to hundreds of pictures. It should work. http://picasaweb.google.com/117910076392883545814


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