Central America, Spring ^10

January 23, 2010

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Last night some people from our group played soccer with other students at the language school, I sat on the sides and watched and took pictures with some friends. It wasn’t a full-size court, but Daniel would have liked it.

Today we watched the film ‘Voices of the Mountain,’ which is a documentary about the rural community Santa Anita that we’ll be visiting in a few weeks. We talked more afterwards about the guerrilla movement during the Civil War, how life has changed for rural communities since the Peace Accords, and how communities are trying to own their own land now.

In the afternoon we met the instructors at the language school and had an introduction to the school’s educational and political projects. There’s lots of political posters and literature everywhere, the library has a whole wall devoted to Che. Also, unlimited fresh coffee. The school is a non-profit organizations, and financially supports the Mountain School, women’s organizations, workers groups, and a community center that offers free English and art classes to children in Xela.

We’ve been meeting a lot of other students, it really is a college town and there’s always people everywhere. Tonight we’re leaving at 12am to hike to the top of the volcano Santa Maria. It’ll take us four hours to get to the top and then we’ll watch the sunrise, and sleep all day tomorrow.



  1. Hi Samantha,

    So exciting. I looked up the Santa Maria volcano on Google Maps and also in Wikipedia — I see that it erupted in 1902 and was one of the 5 largest eruptions in the last 200 years! And that there is a constant mini eruption going on constantly — is this true? were you able to see it?

    Xela sounds wonderful! Full of life! Looking forward to your next posting

    Comment by Mark Bass — January 23, 2010 @ 10:51 pm

  2. since you were able to carry your laundry from the train station,i’m sure you’ll have no problem with the hike.

    Comment by grandma/grandpa — January 24, 2010 @ 7:18 pm

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